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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Coaching Via Zoom

Recovering and rebuilding your life after narcissistic abuse can feel like a daunting and sometimes impossible task. Oftentimes you may feel incredibly drained, overwhelmed, confused, angry, afraid, and paralyzed. It may be extremely challenging getting through the residual effects and damage after an abusive relationship. My mission is to work with you directly to support you in recovering and rebuilding your life and pushing you into a new space where you can reestablish your sense of self, purpose, and passions in life.

In our sessions together, I will launch you into a space of self-reflection and understanding of what elements of your life need to be reevaluated, reorganized and reestablished in order to step into a space and process of recovery and healing after abuse.

Self-Love & Confidence

Coaching Via Zoom

Oftentimes after and even before an abusive relationship we tend to suffer from low self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love. After abuse, we may struggle to work on ourselves because we have spent so much time thinking about others needs. It’s time to remember to prioritize yourself first and foremost as a strong foundation of establishing a life moving forward in healing and happiness.

In our sessions, I will guide you to self-reflect on the areas of yourself that need to be rebuilt. Self-love is a process and journey that will require maintenance and I can help support you with the perspective and tools to be able to work on yourself in a positive and constructive way.

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